Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sell clothes on behalf?

  • Once you have dropped your clothes off to me I will go through them and write you up a docket with the items I am taking and the price I will be putting on them.

  • Any items I do not require for the shop will be put aside for you to collect.

  • Items will then be displayed in the shop for sale for approximately 6 weeks at which time unsold items will be discounted.

  • After approximately 8 weeks, unsold items will be packed away awaiting pick up.

  • If goods are unclaimed after 10 weeks they will be donated to charity.

  • Payment is 50/50 of the sale price once sold.  Payment will be made when you collect your unsold items at the end of the docket but you are welcome to pop in and get partial payments during the term of your docket.

Can I drop off clothes at any time?

Yes but you may be asked to leave the clothes to be sorted through later.  It would be appreciated if you could call in advance if you have a large lot of clothes to bring in.

Also, We only take clothes that are "In Season".  Once I have sorted through your clothes it would be appreciated if you collected any remainder within the following seven days.

Can I purchase online?

If you see something you like in one of our Facebook posts you can private message us to get details for online payment.  Please be aware that online sales are final and no returns or refunds will be accepted. Courier fees apply.